Women’s Health Point (WHP) is focused on health awareness and healthcare delivery for women and girls in the Nigerian society. Our goal is to enlighten, educate, train, care and empower women to take charge of their health and live better lives.

This focus delivers a number of benefits as women remain a key foundational corner stone of the family unit, which is the bedrock of society development. Therefore, the health of women is key to the health of society as women remain one of the strongest guiding force to the growing child and children are our future.



WHP is poised to focus on key health challenges affecting women and the girl child in the Nigerian society today. 

Our work include:

BE-ME (Breast Examination & Menstrual Education)

We are aware of the importance of sexual and reproductive health education for young girls especially as it helps in preventing and detecting potential health concerns for adulthood. Be-Me has been set up to educate and transfer skills to young girls in the following areas; Self-breast examination, Importance of early detection, Tracking menstrual Cycle, Understanding normal and abnormal menstrual patterns, Menstrual Hygiene Practices & a lot more. Our goal is to reach over 2000 young girls yearly.


Breast and Cervical Cancers are the most common cancers affecting Nigerian women and the leading cause of deaths. These cancers are 100% preventable when signs are detected at an early stage, hence our strategic approach in reaching out to women with awareness and screening.

Well-woman Preventive Screening

Routine preventive health screenings is very important for every woman who wants to live a longer, healthier life. These screenings help detect potential health issues before they become a problem. We offer comprehensive health education and preventive screenings for women of all ages.

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